"Deftly told through diverse and interwoven stories, Crocuses Hatch From Snow is a heartfelt investigation into what a space can mean to those who live and love within it."​

TIFFANY MORRIS, author of Havoc in Silence


"Personal and touching, Crocuses Hatch From Snow captures a true sense of Halifax that anyone who has lived there could attest to, but may not be able to name. Reading this book gave me back the sensation of walking through Halifax neighbourhoods at dusk. We are able to see into Burnet's characters' minds as if they were living rooms with lights on and curtains drawn open. We feel what they feel: their fears, desires and heartaches, and the ways in which systemic racism has played into the realities of their day-to-day existence, reverberating into the major events of their lives."​

REBECCA ROHER, award-winning

author of Bird in a Cage


"This moving, courageous portrait of coming of age in Halifax's North End provides an authentic, living depiction of marginalized communities. Challenging the city's racist past and present and its entrenched social strata, Burnet writes from the heart about diversity, revealing with an arresting intimacy how the lives and experiences of characters outside the cultural mainstream intersect. Her finely-honed, poetic prose gives the story's mix of toughness and tenderness a potent honesty and immediacy. Her young protagonist is exquisitely drawn - we feel Ada's hopes, anger, frustration and disappointment as she explores her identity in the LGBTQ2 community. This powerful novel of contemporary Halifax takes us inside realities many of us only know from the outside, and tells a universal story about community and the triumphs of marginalized individuals who survive forces that would defeat them."

Thomas Raddall Atlantic Fiction Award Jury